Sunday, May 1, 2016

The very hungry caterpillars

Image result for eastern tent caterpillarImage result for eastern tent caterpillar

For a few weeks we have been seeing things in some of the trees that look like huge, thick spider webs.  I was wondering what kind of spiders would make webs like that.  Neil and Matthew saw some up in a tree and took a closer look than I would have.  They told us that they web like things were full of caterpillars climbing around.  There are a lot of caterpillars in each tent. MaryAnne and Dallin were fascinated with the caterpillars and wanted to bring some home.  They caught so many! Probably more than 50 hungry caterpillars have been put into plastic jars at our house.  They loved racing the caterpillars and playing with them.  They were very diligent about finding leaves for them and taking care of them.  I think they have let most of them go outside again.  The caterpillars turn into moths.  I hope it doesn't happen until after we have left to go back to Wyoming, because I don't really like moths. T

Image result for eastern tent caterpillar

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