Sunday, May 15, 2016

A catch up post: Julia's big white envelope in the mailbox

Julia's large white envelope from the church came on Monday, April 25th.  She thought it would be great if it had come on Tuesday, the 26th because Neil and I were going out of town and we would have to wait until Wednesday when we got back to open it.  I am glad the Lord knew I wouldn't want to wait and let it come on Monday.  She was called to serve in the Utah, St. George mission.  She reports on July 20th to the MTC.  I am having to trust in the timing of the Lord with this, because our baby is due on July 18th.  I know it will work out in the Lord's way.

We are thrilled that Julia is willing to serve the Lord.  We have family in the St. George mission and it will be fun to see if she serves in their areas.  I lived in Kanab for 5 years and I hope she gets to serve there and see where I lived.  I know she is serving where the Lord needs her and she will be blessed for serving.

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