Sunday, November 22, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a different sort of experience this year.  In Wyoming the younger kids would spend months planning with the Andreasen kids what to be together.  They would have all the dress ups downstairs to use and make their costumes.  This got started with Emma and Emma wanting to dress up together and just carried on down through the kids.  This year I told them to look through the dress ups before we left and bring what they wanted to use.  David brought a costume, but ended up being at the Chesapeake Bay for a field trip over Halloween.  Joshua forgot to get his penguin costume packed so we had to figure something out. He wanted to be a ghost so we made him a cute white hat and a cloak to cover him.  He wore that for awhile, but wasn't thrilled with it.  He ended up being a fireman. MaryAnne brought a Hermoine costume.  Dallin decided to be a red lego and made his own costume the day before with help from Neil.  They used a box and two cool whip bowls spray painted red. Lydia wore a different costume to each activity we went to.  She was Belle for the school carnival and the downtown trick or treat, Elsa for the trunk or treat at the church, and Minnie Mouse for trick or treating.  She helped me make her Elsa dress and her Belle dress.  Emma was playing in the band at the football game.  Neil and I went to listen to her so Bethany and Julia took the kids to the ward party.  At the last minute Bethany decided she could come up with a penguin costume.  It was easy and turned out really cute.  We actually let the younger children go trick or treating with the neighbor kids this year.  They had a great time.  We also had some children come trick or treating to our house for the first time in years since we live in town here.  It was a fun Halloween with lots of activities.  I enjoyed the downtown trick or treating.

Joshua had a hard time deciding if he wanted to eat healthy or just enjoy the candy.

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