Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fall leaves

We have loved experiencing the fall here in Virginia.  The weather has been beautiful! We have been able to be outside and enjoy the nice temperatures.  It has cooled off and it is a beautiful time of year.  The colors of the leaves have been absolutely amazing.  The kids think I have become a leaf photographer.  I have taken a lot of pictures to remember what it was like.  The kids have loved having leaves to play in.  There are an abundance of leaves to play in.  We are blessed to have the college do the yard work here.  They blew the leaves from our yard and President Wilcox's house into a huge pile. It was almost as tall as Joshua and Lydia.  It got left there for a few days and the kids had a great time playing in the leaves. I think the guys from the college probably had to start over again when they came to take the leaves away because the kids had scattered the leaves around again.  We also raked up the leaves in our backyard and played in them together.  Neil was a good sport and raked up leaves and dumped them on the kids heads.

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