Monday, April 27, 2015

By the numbers

Neil and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday.  Neil is a math kind of guy so I decided to figure out the numbers for him.  We have been married 24 years
                                                                      288 months
                                                                     1252 weeks
                                                                      8766 days
                                                                    210,384 hours
                                                                   12,623,040 minutes
                                                                757,382,400 seconds and counting into eternity

Thanks Neil for the wonderful days, months, and years.  We have had many adventures together and many wonderful times and memories.  I am looking forward to new memories and adventures this year and in the years to come.  I truly love you with all my heart.  You are my best friend and everything I ever hoped to find in a husband.  Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

Here is a slideshow of our 24 years together.  Hope you enjoy watching.

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