Sunday, April 12, 2015

Oklahoma Thunder experience

Matthew really loves the OKC Thunder and Kevin Durant.  For Christmas we decided we wanted to give him and experience more than just things.  We decided to get him tickets to watch the Thunder play the Jazz.  It was a fun gift to give him.  We got four tickets so David, Dallin and Neil went along for the fun.  We went to Utah on Friday March 27th so they could go to the game on Saturday the 28th.  It was wonderful to see my mom and dad, Rebecca, Ben, Dawn Micheal, and Tyler, Nate, Zac and Samantha.  We had a wonderful picnic together before the boys left for the game.  Some of us went to the park and played ultimate frisbee for awhile.  There was lots of pool playing going on too. 

While the boys were gone to the game Grandpa watched the younger children and the girls and I watched the Womens General Meeting with Grandma.  It was a great meeting and I loved being there with my mom.

The boys had a great time at the game.  The Thunder made the game close, but couldn't quite pull it out. I felt bad that Kevin Durant was out with an injury so Matthew  didn't get to see him play.  Maybe we'll have to do it again another time.

Sunday morning was my mom's birthday. I was glad to get to see her and tell her happy birthday.  We went to Sacrament meeting and then headed home.  It was a  wonderful, but fast trip.  I'll post pictures when I can.

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