Friday, October 17, 2014

That's a new PR

Right now as I am typing Matthew is in Star Valley running the Conference Cross Country meet.  I so hope he is doing well and is happy with his time today.

Last week the meet was here in Powell, it was the last meet of the season I will get to watch. The meet was at the Powell golf course.  The younger children had fun playing in our fall leaves before the race started.  Matthew ran so well.  His goal this year was to break 20:00 minutes.  He hadn't been met his goal yet.  Running at Powell he ran a 19:09.  He took almost a minute of his personal record.  Way to go Matthew!  I love watching you run!!
playing in the fall leaves with friends

Matthew's first mile

Come on Matthew you can catch him

Matthew and Ben in stride together

Still running strong

The final stretch, keep going Matthew

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