Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend

For Neil's birthday I thought it would be fun to give him a trip.  We talked about it and decided to get tickets to the BYU/Utah State game on Friday, October 3 in Provo.  It was the perfect weekend to be in Utah because we also got tickets to the Saturday Morning General Conference Session and to closing night of the musical Rebecca is in Camelot.  I have been looking forward to this trip and all the events.

We left about 8:00 Friday morning on our adventure.  We stopped in Thermopolis at the Hot Springs State Park and had a soak in the mineral pools.  After that we stopped in Shosoni for lunch at Fullmer's Fat Boy.  What a fun place.  I think my mom and dad should stop there on one of their trips to Powell because it is the kind of place my dad would love.  They had great hamburgers, fries and shakes.  It is a small place, but a great one to stop at.

We drove on to Utah and went to the temple.  The temple was very busy before conference.  Neil got in to do initiatory, but there were too many sisters ahead of me.   We drove on to Cougar Stadium.  It took us longer than we planned and we were just getting there at kickoff.  We still had to park and walk/jog to the Stadium.

I love being at Cougar Stadium!  It was so neat to be there again.  I enjoyed seeing LaVell Edwards and Jim MacMahon.  They were retiring his number that night.  We lost the game 35-20, but it was still an amazing experience to be there.  My favorite play of the game was on special teams.  BYU kicked off and about 5 BYU player picked up the return man for Utah State and carrried him back about 10 yards.  He fumbled the ball, but the referees called him down by forward progression.  It was a unique play. The game got over about midnight and by the time we drove to our motel it was about 2:00 am.

We met Rebecca Saturday morning and went to the Conference Center together.  I love being at Conference.  It was so neat to watch President Monson walk in.  I am so grateful we have a Prophet on the earth today.  It was neat to listen to Elder Wong speak Cantonese. We only had my kindle to take a picture with so here are a couple of selfie pictures of us at the Conference Center.

After Conference we went to Pizza Hut and bought lunch with Rebecca.  Neil and I watched the afternoon session in our room.  Then we went shopping and drove out to Magna to watch Rebecca in Camelot.

The cast of Camelot did a great job! It was fun to watch Rebecca and think about how far she has come in her dream on being on stage.  I remember when being in MCT was the most exciting thing of the year.  She has definitely outgrown MCT.  You can just tell how much she loves to be on the stage.  My favorite part was that after she had died she kept singing.  It was cute.

We enjoyed meeting some of Rebecca's friends from Camelot after the show.  It was late and luckily there was Mexican restaurant right by our motel that stayed open all night.  We grabbed some dinner and took it back to our motel.  Our sleeping and eating schedules sure got messed up on this trip, but it was so worth it!

We left about 8:00 Sunday morning to drive home.  We wanted to get home about 4:00 so the children wouldn't have too much time after conference without us there.  We were able to listen to both sessions of conference on the radio while we drove home.  It was harder to take notes and I definitely need to read the talks again.

It was a wonderful weekend getaway!  I enjoyed every part of the weekend and I'm already thinking of what we can do some other time.  Maybe we need to make a BYU game and annual tradition.

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