Thursday, September 4, 2014

Way to go, Matthew!!

Matthew had his first cross country race of the season on Friday, August 29th.  He doesn't like to run the Beck Lake course, last year it was his slowest time of the season.  He did a great job!! He was the second fastest for Powell, and 15th overall. I love to watch him run! We took Joshua and Lydia to watch the race.  I should have taken a picture of Lydia. She was the cutest cheerleader around with her bright pink and silver pompoms. She yelled "Go Matthew, go!" every time we saw him run by.  Even if he didn't win the race he had the cutest cheerleader.

Hanging out waiting to run

Team huddle

And they're off

Finishing the first lap around Beck Lake

Coming around the second time

The final sprint to the finish

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