Thursday, September 4, 2014


David really likes to play football.  Last year we signed him up to play flag football with the Rec department.  Unfortunately, only two other boys signed up.  We gave it a try again this year with the same results.  There is a tackle league for the boys his age in Powell, Cody and Lovell.  I was dragging my feet to let him play tackle.  It costs a lot more, involves more travel and I was afraid he might get hurt.  We decided to let him play because flag football wasn't an option.  He has loved wearing his football pads and going to practice. He is on the Raiders team.   Games start next week and will keep us busy on Monday and Thursday nights.  He came home from practice last night with a twisted or sprained ankle.  We'll see if he can go to practice today.  He does love playing and I love watching him.

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