Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A busy week at our house

 Rebecca started her new job on Monday in the Records Office at Western Governors University.  We are so grateful for this opportunity for her.  She also had some shows of Camelot to perform in.  She loves to be the stage! We are glad she has this show to be in.

Tuesday was Joshua and Lydia's first day of preschool.  It was a challenge to get us there at 8:45, but we made it.  They loved preschool and couldn't wait to go back on Thursday.  This a new experience for us, I have never had a child do preschool.  This is a program through the school district and a parent is required to stay with the children.  It is fun to play with Joshua and Lydia.  I am grateful for this time to spend with them.

We had such a busy week at our house. I guess that comes from having three children each doing a different sport right now.  Matthew ran cross country on Thursday in Lander.  Lander is about 4 hours away so they left by 9:00 in the morning.  He didn't get home until about 10:00 that night.  Not much school got done that day.  He didn't really like the course at Lander. He said there was a steep hill that caused most of the middle school girls to walk and cry.  Matthew was the fastest runner from Powell this week.  He took 28th overall out of 50 runners.  He is doing really well this year. While Matthew was in Lander Emma went to Basin to play volleyball.  Her team lost their matches, but she had a good time anyway.  I am so glad she has good friends on the volleyball team to hang out with when they travel.  She loves playing volleyball!  We were at David's football game in Powell when Emma called and said she was back in town.  David's team got beat, but they played hard and had a  good time.  David is really loving playing football!  I love his coaches philosophy that everyone should start either offense or defense.  I am glad that everyone gets to play and enjoy the game.

On Friday Neil and David went camping at Thermopolis with the scout troop.  They had a  good time playing in the river and doing scout things.  They got home about 8:30 last night.

Friday was the Powell Homecoming game.  I picked up MaryAnne and Dallin after school and took them to the parade.  They walked with the Parkside students.  I was going to walk it with them, but my stroller had a flat tire so Joshua, Lydia and I just watched.  Friday night MaryAnne, Matthew and I went to the game.  It was a frustrating loss.  It was Powell's first home game since Coach Stringer died in July.  It was emotional for the players I am sure.  At the end of the game we were down by 6 points our quarterback spiked the ball not realizing it was fourth down and that was the game.  

I took Emma, MaryAnne, Dallin, Joshua and Lydia over to Cody yesterday to go swimming.  We had a great time together playing in the water and going to Walmart.  Joshua really wanted to go down the waterslide.  He was pretty close on the height requirement so I let him go up and see if they would let him slide down.  He was still too small so he had to walk all the way back down all those stairs.  He was disappointed but handled it alright.  There was a really cool toy shark the children enjoyed playing with.  You could toss it up into the air and it would dive into the water and swim for about 5 feet.  Dallin and Joshua really liked it a lot!

Here are a few pictures from our activities lately.  The volleyball pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.  Hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to.

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I forgot to put pictures of Dallin and MaryAnne all ready for the homecoming parade in the slideshow.  Here they are with their Panther Pride.

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