Thursday, September 4, 2014

First day of school

Neil and Bethany started their new semester on Monday.  Neil has been teaching here at Northwest College for 20 years.  Bethany is starting her second year in Elementary Education.  I hope they both have a wonderful semester.

Julia and Matthew started Connections Academy on Tuesday.  Julia is a senior (where has the time gone?) and Matthew is a sophomore.   When I asked them they told me no way did they want their picture taken at their computers.  I took their pictures anyway, but it wasn't on the first day.

Wednesday was a big first day of school.  Emma, David, MaryAnne, and Dallin all started school.  Emma is in the 8th grade and was so excited to get back to seeing friends and playing volleyball.  David is in the 6th grade and it is his first year in the Middle school.  He is excited to be in Middle School.  I was running a few minutes later than I wanted to be when I dropped Emma and David off at the Middle School so I didn't get a picture at the school. 

 MaryAnne is in the 4th grade at Parkside Elementary and Dallin is in 2nd grade.  We decided to let them go to school this year for a change.  They were both very nervous a few days before.  It wasn't easy to leave them at the school, but I know they have great teachers and they will love school.  I dropped all the children off on Wednesday morning.  I shed a few tears on the way home from dropping children off.  I will miss them terribly, but I know this is the right move for them.  On our way home Lydia wanted me to go back because we had left MaryAnne and Dallin behind.  I told her we were supposed to leave them at school, but she didn't like that answer at all.  It seems very quiet at our house during the day now.  I miss the children, but I know this is the right thing for right now. 

 Joshua wanted to stay at Parkside and go to kindergarten.  I am not quite ready to send him off to school so we are doing kindergarten at home.  He and Lydia will have a great time learning together.  He started his science book in the summer and loves to do school time.  I am going to take him and Lydia to the school district preschool twice a week.  I love that I can stay and spend the time helping them learn.  It will be a good kindergarten year for us.  I love homeschooling kindergarten!

Now to wait for the school bus to bring the children home again. 

Matthew ready for school

Joshua and Lydia using the kindergarten corner of our school room

Julia working hard

David and Emma ready for Middle School

Dallin 2nd grade Mrs. DeBock's class

MaryAnne 4th Grade Mrs. Frame's class

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