Sunday, April 27, 2014

LDS Prom April 26, 2014

Julia was thrilled on Friday to come out of Seminary and find a scroll in the car.  She was even more thrilled when she opened it at home and saw it was written in elvish.  She is an elf at heart and loves to read and write elvish.  She was excited that she could translate it without using any outside sources.  Ezra found the perfect way to ask her to the Prom.  I think it is so neat that he went out of the way to do something that would make it special to Julia.  She answered him with fortune cookies. In one of the cookies she put a fortune that said "The stars have decreed that Julia will go to Prom with you."  It was a fun idea.

 Prom was yesterday.  Neil needed to go as a Young Men's leader.  I was happy to go along and spend the evening with Neil.  It was a rainy night, that made it a challenge to keep the girls dresses dry and out of the mud.  Other than that, it was a beautiful night.  We had bought Julia's dress about a month ago.  We had to do a little altering, but we got it done in time for the dance.  We did her hair in the afternoon.  She looked beautiful. We put curlers in so she would have lovely curls.  I wanted to try a celtic knot in her hair.  It took several tries, but we finally got it. We didn't get many pictures.  We were running out of time before we had to meet the other youth at the church, and the rain made outside pictures impossible. Ezra picked up Julia and met us at the church to drive to Cody. 

 The stake paid for the dinner at the Holiday Inn restaurant.  They provided a delicious dinner of salad, garlic bread, chicken alfredo and brownies.  It was all delicious.  We had good company at our table.  The dance was at the Mural Chapel.  It has a smaller gym that was decorated beautifully.  It was a well done night by the Stake leaders.  I enjoyed looking at the beautiful, modest dresses that the girls had found.  The young men looked sharp.  I enjoyed visiting with friends and watching the youth enjoy the evening.  Most of all, I enjoyed spending the evening with Neil and even got a few dances in with him.  Julia and her friends thought it was great that we were there together on our anniversary. They wanted the DJ to play us a song and announce our anniversary.  He didn't get to it and that was alright.  It was a beautiful night.  I was so grateful that Julia was asked by since a fine young man.  I think I was almost as happy as she was.

Julia and Ezra at the dance

Some of the lovely young ladies from our ward

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