Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We have an abundance of undeveloped land around our house.  Unfortunately, when it rains or snow the land all turns into mud that is like quicksand.  A few weeks ago Dallin and Adam got stuck in the mud. They thought they saw MaryAnne's shoe that the mud sucked in last year.  The shoe wasn't really there, but they ventured in anyway.  Dallin got out on his own, but it took Adam's older brother, Ezra, to pull Adam out.  Dallin was the muddiest child I have ever seen when he got home.  You can't really tell from the pictures, but he was covered with mud.

Dallin's shoes and socks covered in about 5 pounds of mud

Today Joshua and Lydia went out to play in the snow.  They wandered off down the road and got into some mud.  The mud pulled Joshua's shoes off and he had to walk home barefoot because he didn't have any socks on.  Matthew had to go and rescue Lydia from the mud.  Matthew, thanks for being the hero and finding and saving Joshua and Lydia.

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