Thursday, January 30, 2014

We share very well and it's not even February yet!

For the longest time I have been afraid of February coming. It seems like someone is sick from the first of February until the last.  At least it is a short month!  I think by February our immune systems are worn down and we are tired of winter in Wyoming.  This year we are getting a jump on things by being sick the end of January, maybe that means we won't still be sick at the end of February.  We share very well when it comes to being sick.  Dallin started everyone out on Saturday.  Monday Dallin still didn't feel well.  Dallin was fine all day Tuesday, but threw up again at bedtime.  Wednesday, Joshua and Lydia had it.  This morning David, Emma, Matthew, Julia, Neil and Lydia are all not  feeling well.  I hope Rebecca and Bethany are staying well!  MaryAnne and I have decided we aren't going to share with the others.  We are staying healthy, at least if we have any say over it.  The funny thing is that Julia wanted to be sick yesterday so she would have an excuse to miss the games being played at the Triward activity.  She got her wish, but about 12 hours too late. She still got to play the games.  Well, I'm off to help my patients.  I think today there will be a movie and rest for their doctor's orders. Stay well, and we'll try not to share with anyone else.

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