Monday, January 20, 2014

Jump rope performance and a piano recital

This week we had the opportunity to watch David in the Jump Rope performance at Parkside on Friday.  He has been practicing since before Christmas and did a great job.  It was fun to watch how he was a leader in his group.  He hasn't had much opportunity to be the one in the spotlight.  He is a fly under the radar kind of kid.  He doesn't like to be in the spotlight, but it was fun to watch him.  Great job, David!

Sunday morning Julia casually mentioned that she had a piano recital that afternoon that she hadn't told us about.  Talk about children who don't like to be the focus of attention in the spotlight.  Julia would just as soon never be the one in the spotlight.  She could love playing the piano just for herself and never play in front of anyone else.  I decided not to take everyone to the recital after remembering the last experience.  Joshua turned the lights off in the middle of an amazing performance.  I think he got the lights not just once, but twice in the same performance.  I asked Emma if she would stay home with David, MaryAnne, Joshua and Lydia.  Dallin went to the recital in the hope of getting treats afterward. Neil and Matthew were home teaching, and got there in time to listen to Julia.  Julia did a great job. I remember when she was about 8 and wanted to learn to play the violin.  I was convinced that she wouldn't really enjoy it and wouldn't stay with it.  She begged and pleaded.  We decided to give her a chance, she ran with it.  She did really well until her teacher quit teaching. More than anything she had discovered her love of music and one of her talents from Heavenly Father. She has a real talent and interest in music.  She loves to play the piano, especially Lord of the Rings music.  I love to listen to her play the piano!  It brings me great joy.  Here is Julia playing A Very Respectable Hobbit from The Hobbit composed by Shore.  After the concert Julia asked me if she skipped half her song. I'm not sure if she skipped part or not, but it sounded beautiful to me.
I am so grateful for opportunities to support my children in their interests in life. I am grateful they are looking for their talents and learning. I am grateful for teachers and leaders who teach them and expose them to new interests.  It brings tears to my eyes to watch them work hard and then share their talents with others. 

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