Friday, November 20, 2009

Kinda Mobile ??

Joshua has been close to crawling for a while now but is not there yet. He has his own way of scooting around.

We are currently vehicleless as our Honda is in the shop and the van is parked at the airport in Cody. Rebecca left it there to fly to Salt Lake. We had an interesting week with the Honda. Three flat tires in three days. I guess it is time to get new tires. Neil got one flat tire, Rebecca got another . When I went to get her (the spare was already on) the battery in the van was drained. She was stranded in town until I could get jumped. Later (the same day) I got a flat (a different tire) while I was visiting teaching. I guess we still have our bikes. Maybe our bikes are more reliable right now, but the wind gets cold. We will look funny going to church if we are all on our bikes.

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