Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Joshua's first cold

Well the house is quiet for a moment so it seems like a good time to update. Everyone is busy or sleeping.  I think I should be exercising with Julia and Bethany or sleeping with MaryAnne, Dallin, and Joshua. Rebecca tells me blogs are only good if you update them.  I want to do a good job so I'll update. :)

Joshua woke up from a nap Saturday afternoon and you could just tell he didn't feel very good.  He was running a fever and coughing. Neil stayed home with Joshua while I took the others to Martha's for pizza and trunk or treating. We had a really cute and warm lion costume for Joshua, but I guess I'll have to put on him later and take a picture.  I stayed home on Sunday.  He looked ok Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon he took a turn for the worse.  He refused to eat anything from 4:00 Sunday afternoon until 8:00 Monday morning.  This was the first time he has been sick so we really worried.  Monday morning I took him to the Urgent Care.  I was worried that he might have RSV because he was so lethargic.  His oxygen level was low, but they think it isn't RSV.  He does have an ear infection in both ears.  He also has a sore throat and cough.  His cry is so weak right now that I'm afraid I won't hear him above all the everyday noise at our house.  He is on a strong antibiotic.  I have learned that when Joshua doesn't feel well he doesn't just sleep it off.  He was up most of the night Sunday night.  A baby that won't eat or take a pacifier makes for a tired mom.  Thankfully, he seems to be doing better today.  I am grateful for Priesthood blessings and prayer.

Ok, I started this post when the house was quiet.  I didn't get done, but the house is quiet again.  We had a birthday dinner and party in between.  Neil and the older girls are gone to the church so I'll hurry and finish while the children watch a movie.

We officially started work on turning our garage into a new family room.  It will be nice to have the space.  Right now the t.v. and couches are in our bedroom.  Not the ideal setup, only temporary.  I am excited to work on this project with Neil.  Hopefully, this winter won't be too cold without a garage.  I don't like to scrape windows!!

All David wants for Christmas is his two front teeth.  He lost one on Sunday and the other today.  What a cute toothless grin!

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  1. Sounds like you are keeping busy! I hope Joshua is feeling better.