Sunday, November 8, 2009

A few Dallin moments

Dallin has been full of memorable quotes and actions lately.  I thought I would share a few highlights.

Saturday morning the washer was running (I love my new washer that has a timer so I can start it the night before).  Dallin asked Neil what the noise was. Neil told him the water was running.  He said, "Water can't run dad, it doesn't have feet or shoes or legs."  It was really cute to hear how it worked in his mind.

Dallin always sleeps with about six stuffed animals or toys.  He usually brings at least one with him when he climbs into bed with us.  One night I was trying to get my fair share of the space.  Dallin hollered, "Ouch, ouch you're squishing monkey."  It made me smile even in the middle of the night.  His animals are so alive to him.  He always wants them covered in his bed so they won't be cold. I can get him to take a nap by telling him that monkey is tired and wants to rest.

Last Thursday was a Dallin day.  He decided he wanted a treat and climbed up on the kitchen counter to get his Halloween candy.  He has been potty trained for a couple of months now.  He does really well about not having accidents, but he proceeded to have an accident right on the kitchen counter.  I have potty trained 7 other children and I don't think anyone else has ever done that.

Later that same day I laid Dallin down for a nap. I went to put Joshua down and then I checked on Dallin.  He was gone!!  The children and I couldn't find him anywhere inside or out.  We looked for about 20 minutes, then I called Neil at his office.  He decided to come home and help us look.  After looking for a few minutes Neil found him.  He was asleep under MaryAnne's bed.  The only other time he disappeared like that we found him eating candy in the closet.  I think he was causing gray hairs on mom last week.

He is adorable and keeps all smiling with the things he comes up with!  We really enjoy him.  I think two is such a fun age. They are learning so much and changing so fast.  Two year olds sure keep us entertained at our house.

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