Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monkey Houses

Monkey houses are an invention of necessity at our house.  Neil invented building Monkey houses with JENGA blocks and puzzles or books many years ago when Rebecca was small. She was bored and needed something to do.  You use the JENGA blocks to hold up and separate the books or puzzles so there is a spot for the plastic monkeys to live. There have been many Monkey houses built at our house over the past twenty years.

When I came home from the Women's session of General Conference in March the younger kids were excited to tell me that Neil had helped them build a monkey house that was taller than Dad. They said it nearly reached the ceiling.  They had to stand on chairs to put on more floors.  The most exciting part was when it fell.  Neil had bent over to get some more blocks and it fell and landed on his back.  The kids thought it was fun that it toppled on Dad.

I am so grateful for Neil.  He does fun things with the kids.  He does the same activities over years so they have memories in common.  He is a good dad and I am grateful for him.

Here are some pictures of the latest Monkey houses:

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