Sunday, April 9, 2017

LDS Prom 2017

Yesterday, April 8th, was LDS Prom for the Priests and Laurels.  Jett Flores asked Emma and Matthew asked Natalie Clark.  Matthew made a coded letter to ask Natalie.

Emma wore one of the dresses that we bought at SVU last year.  We bought a jacket to go over it. We put a waterfall braid and curls in her hair. She looked very beautiful.

We met the other young men and young women from the ward at the church.  It was a rainy day and the girls had a hard time keeping their dresses out of the puddles.  

Sister Cordes drove the girls from the ward and we drove the young men. We had a good group of kids that went.  

They served a nice dinner at the Stake Center. We took Aaron along for the night.  The dance was scheduled until 11:00, but most of the kids were ready to go about an hour before that so we came home early.  There was more conversation in the van on the way home with the girls along than there was driving there with only the boys.    

Here are a few more pictures of Emma and Jett, Matthew and Natalie.
You even get  a couple of pictures of us ready for the dance.

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