Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Musical Week for MaryAnne

MaryAnne has been playing the clarinet in the 6th grade band this year.  Mr. Fabella encouraged all the band students to participate in the Showalter Festival. They each chose a song to play as a solo for a couple of judges.  MaryAnne played a song called Melody and Neil accompanied her.  They did a great job. The judge told her that she had beautiful tone and was doing really well and couldn't even tell it was her first year playing. MaryAnne scored a 1.  MaryAnne wanted to get a 1, but not a 1+. The kids with 1+ had to play in a concert in the evening. I enjoyed listening to them practice together.

Here is the video of MaryAnne playing:

MaryAnne also had a band concert on Thursday evening.  The band sounded great.  It is amazing how much the band has learned during this school year.  Here are the videos of the 6th grade band:

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