Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween 2016

Neil took the children trunk or treating on Saturday while I was still in Utah. We had  kind of a low key halloween which was fine with me.  We went to Westside to watch the costume parade and deliver treats to Dallin and Josh's classrooms. I took the kids to Powelloween on Monday after school.  It was super windy and I wasn't sure I even wanted to go, but the kids wanted to go.  Aaron was a good sport about riding in his stroller in the wind. We came home and had pizza for dinner and did Family Home Evening together.  I always think of eating pizza with Martha on halloween.

David was a basketball player. MaryAnne was a clone from Star Wars and Linda was Darth Vader.  Dallin made a box into a Rubik's cube.  He did a great job working with Neil to make it.  Joshua was spiderman. Lydia was a really cute witch.  Her red eyes went right with her costume.  Aaron had several choices.  He could be a cow, a lion or a dinosaur.  We decided on the dinosaur costume.

Westside costume parade

Dallin made this  Ghost bowling game for the cub scout halloween carnival

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