Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dallin turns 10!

I will do a catch up post on all these fall birthdays sometime soon.  Dallin turned 10 yesterday.  He was excited to have a death by chocolate cake decorated with M&M's making a ten. We spent part of the day hiking.  We had ham casserole and muffins for dinner.  Matthew had asked for a Star Wars game for the ps4, but I had more ideas for Matthew than Dallin so we gave it to Dallin.  Matthew was surprised when Dallin opened it.

Dallin recently finished his Bear scout award and is looking forward to being a Webelos scout.  He loves to adventure with the older boys.  He likes to go out and shoot hoops.  He likes to play pool on our new pool table. He likes to work to earn money to buy books.He loves to read and is super smart.  He gives great hugs when he is grateful for something. He adores Aaron and is so tender with him.  He will walk him when Aaron is fussy.  He likes to help give Aaron a bath.  He has gained maturity this year.  We truly enjoy Dallin and are grateful to have him in our family.  We love you, Dallin!

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