Sunday, September 25, 2016

Homecoming Olympics

September 12-16th was homecoming week at Powell High School.  Emma was on a team with her friends for the homecoming olympics. They had to do all kinds of crazy events.  Emma had her picture on the front page of the Powell Tribune.  She had whipped cream on her cheek and Jessica Kasinger was trying to throw goldfish crackers and get them to stick to the whipped cream.  Emma's team name was the tooth fairies. They wore tie dyed tee shirts and tutus.  Pretty cute.  Emma the girls on her team didn't win the gold, but they did have a great time together. Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy evening.  I wanted to take some of the children and watch a few events, but with the cold I didn't end up going.  Neil, Matthew and David did stop by and watch for a little bit after young men's. 


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