Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cross Country Senior Season

This is Matthew's senior Cross Country season.  How I love watching him run.  I am really going to miss cross country meets.  I love that you can cheer on every runner.  They are all doing their best to run hard.  I am so grateful for Coach Boos and his wonderful coaching philosophy.  Coach Boos is so good to encourage every runner and looks for the best in them.

We went to watch Matthew run at the Olive Glenn Golf Course in Cody on September 16th.  It was an interesting format.  It was a fox and hound format.  The slowest runners got to start first. Every 20 seconds another group of runners started.  Matthew was the 4th runner to start for Powell.  He ran well (official time 20:21). He wasn't really happy with his time, but I loved cheering him on.

On the 19th we went and watched Matthew run at the Foster Gulf Golf Course in Lovell.  He ran right at 20 minutes.  His goal is to get under 19 minutes, not easy to do.  We took everyone and cheered him on for Family Home Evening.

On Thursday, September 22nd, Matthew went to run at Worland.  It was the perfect conditions for running.  It was cool and maybe slightly rainy.  Matthew had a great race! He ran a 18:57.88! I was so happy for him.  He finally got below 19 minutes.  His personal record before this race was 19:09.  He beat it by about 12 seconds.  My mom heart was so happy for him.  He really wanted to break 19 minutes and he finally did it.  Hooray!!!

Lydia cheering Matthew on

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