Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hibbert Reunion 2016

Back in January we planned to attend the Hibbert Reunion in August.  We didn't know that Aaron was going to be nine days late or I might not have planned to go.  I always enjoy being with the Hibbert family so I am glad we went even though Aaron was pretty little to take to a reunion.

We left Powell on Thursday afternoon to drive to Rexburg.  Aaron traveled really well.  We got to Rexburg in time for dinner.  We enjoyed seeing so many family members.  Camping that night was a little chilly and maybe I shouldn't have had Aaron out there.

Friday morning I decided to take a shower while Neil helped the kids get breakfast.  Bad idea!  When I turned on the shower the faucet handle flew out of the wall and across the shower.  I tried to screw it back into the hole, but that did no good.  I really wanted to just walk away and act like I hadn't been going to take a shower. Thankfully I still had my clothes on and I left the bathroom to go and get Neil to help.  By now the bathroom was flooding and it was creating quite a stir.  It ended up that we couldn't do anything about it. We were without water until about 3:00 in the afternoon when a plumber could come.

After the shower adventure Neil took some of the kids and went on a tour of some of the family historical sites in the area.  They also went and saw some elk on a elk farm.  The kids enjoyed spending Friday with other kids playing and making friends.  Aaron was a popular little guy that lots of people wanted to hold.

Saturday morning we cleaned up camp and headed up to Karan and Jim's house to stay.  It was great to have a real shower that didn't explode when I used it.

It was a great time spent with family.  I am grateful for family and their love and example.

The kids playing games with Aunt Janet

Cousin photo time

Hibbert Family picture
We are the family in red shirts

Karan's family who were at the reunion

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