Sunday, August 21, 2016

A family bike ride

Neil has been wanting to take the kids up to the bench and let them bike back down with him.  It is a pretty straight road and all down hill.  There isn't too much traffic on that road in the evening. Some of the kids weren't very excited to go do it, but they had fun once they got started.  Matthew was working at the fair and didn't get to come with us. MaryAnne did have a minor crash before they even got started, but that was the only mishap.  Aaron and I dropped everyone off with their bikes and then drove down the road a few miles to pick them up.  We only had to wait for them for about 5 minutes.  Aaron did really well while waiting.  It was his first time in his carseat. Emma and David enjoyed the bike ride so much that they rode the rest of the way home together.  Thanks Neil, for planning a fun family activity.

Getting the bikes out and ready to go

All our daring bikers

Lydia and Joshua get the easy ride down the hill

Aaron waiting for the bikers to come down the hill

MaryAnne finishing the ride

Emma and David finishing

Neil and the bike cart kids finishing the ride

Dallin finishing the ride

Getting a ride in the trailer

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