Sunday, August 28, 2016

Aaron's blessing

It was really important to me that Rebecca could be at Aaron's blessing.  Neil and I talked about several options of where and when to bless him.  We finally decided to bless him in Idaho at Karan's ward building after church on Sunday, August 7th.  My Mom and Dad were willing to bring Rebecca with them. Ben and Dawn also drove up from Utah.  My parents and Ben and Dawn share an anniversary.  Thanks for taking time to drive to Idaho on your anniversary.  It was Rebecca's first time to see Aaron.

We planned to bless Aaron at 12:15ish after church got out.  At about 11:00 the power went out in the building and church was excused.  Luckily, Ben and Dawn had just gotten there and my parents weren't far behind them.  We were able to do the blessing in a semi-dark Relief Society room earlier than planned and have more time to visit after.

Neil gave Aaron a beautiful blessing of health, and a desire to follow the Lord.  He was told of our our Savior's love for him and our love and gratitude for his health.  Aaron was good all through the blessing.

We had a luncheon after at Karan's house.  We had food leftover from the Hibbert Reunion that Janet graciously let us have.

We enjoyed visiting with family members and taking pictures.  It was a beautiful day!

Rebecca and Aaron

The Waite kids minus Bethany and Julia

Ben and Dawn with Aaron

Grandpa and Grandma Sharp with Aaron

Neil, Karan and Jim with Aaron

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