Sunday, June 5, 2016


We had a big, beautiful tree in our front yard in Buena Vista.  We noticed that there were cones put out and thought that they were probably going to cut a few branches down.  There were a few rainy days and nothing was done on the tree.  I guess that tree trimmers don't work in rainy weather.  On Friday, May 20th they finally came and started working on our tree.  They cut and cut and cut.  We finally decided that they might be taking down more than a few branches.  They took down the whole tree and only left us with a stump.  Joshua and Lydia really enjoyed watching the tree trimmers work. Some of the kids were sad because they liked playing under the tree, but they decided that the stump was fun to play on also.  When President Wilcox came home teaching he told us that he was surprised that the tree was taken down.  No one had asked him about it.

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