Sunday, June 12, 2016

Our second trip to Virginia Beach

It was a cold and windy day when we went Virginia beach.  We decided to try a different beach that might not be as crowded as the first beach we went to.  Maybe it was because the weather wasn't great, but we had the whole beach practically to ourselves.  We were the only car parked in the parking lot.  It was a little chilly and the waves were really crashing.  The kids still had fun. They love being at the ocean!
Playing at the beach

Dallin and MaryAnne playing in the waves


David and Matthew


Dallin kept getting deeper and further away.

Julia and Lydia challenging the waves

Joshua making sand angels

Lydia making sand angels or getting sand in her hair

What a good dad helping Lydia

It was a windy day

We were safe the red flags weren't out. We were right next to a military base.

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