Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Savannah, Georgia

We got up Monday morning, December 21, and packed up for our Christmas trip south. The van was doing some interesting chugging on our way home from Washington DC so Neil changed the fuel filter before we left and it worked great for our trip. We drove as far as Savannah, Georgia.  We did pizza for dinner and some of the kids played in the motel swimming pool in the evening.  There was something in the water that really made your eyes burn so we discouraged anyone from putting their faces in the water.  They had fun swimming and then watched some tv in the motel rooms.

We got up Tuesday morning and did a little sight seeing around Savannah.  It was a beautiful city. We were even able to find parking for the van.  We went down to Factor's walk and saw where the cotton ships used to come in.  We also saw several monuments, and a Revolutionary War Cemetery.  I love this sign about the historic steps.  I am sure if Bethany had been with us she would have take a picture of it, so I took it for her.  

We must be in hurricane country

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