Sunday, October 18, 2015

Color Run

David was very excited for the fundraiser Parry McCluer Middle School had planned for the Saturday the hurricane was supposed to hit Virginia.  David was so excited to do the color run that he paid half of the $30 he had to raise to participate.  It was rescheduled to October 17th, so we went yesterday and watched him run.  The kids could run as many or as few laps around the middle school yard as they wanted.  They had people stationed around the yard that were ready to dust the kids with color as they ran by.  David was definitely colorful by the end.  After watching the run Joshua decided he wanted to do it also.  David took him on one lap.  It was kind of funny that every time they tried to put a color on Joshua he would dodge it.  Joshua did end up with some color on him and he thought it was fun.  Lydia also got some colors on her.  She and Joshua had fun dusting David with the pink dust he got from school.  They loved the color bomb at the end when all the kids dusted each other.

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