Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lydia's movie

Before Bethany moved back to the dorms she showed the children the dvd of movies that the kids had made together.  Lydia loved watching little Rebecca, Bethany, Julia, Matthew and Emma in the Harry Potter movie.  Matthew and Julia think that the Harry Potter video shouldn't be talked about on my blog.  They are not in favor of seeing themselves as younger children.  I thought it was priceless. She also loved the Counting Sheep music video the girls all made together.  She kept telling me she wanted to make a movie like they did.  She told me she knew exactly what she wanted to do.  She dressed up as Tinkerbell and I just recorded what she did. I think she might like to be on the stage as much as Rebecca does.  Here is Lydia's movie debut.

Last Sunday night we watched Singing In the Rain as a family.  Lydia danced every song.  It was really cute.  When there wasn't a song on she would come and ask me if there was going to be another song coming up.  It was kind of dark so it might be hard to see how adorable she was.

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