Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dallin's first pine wood derby

We had the triward pine wood derby last Saturday.  Dallin enjoyed helping make his car.  Neil likes the time with the boys, but doesn't love the whole process of building the car.  I think his least favorite part is getting the wheels on right.  He is a good sport about doing it with the boys and letting do all they can.  Dallin picked the design for his car, helped sand it and paint it.  I loved the eagle sticker that Dallin picked to decorate it with.  This year each boy got to race 10 times.  There were about 45 boys involved so it was a lot of races.  Dallin went 5 and 5.  I think he enjoyed his first pine wood derby.  I was proud of him and his good sportsmanship.  There were some really neat looking cars.  I love seeing the creativity that is shown in making their cars. The wards go all out with decorating and treats at the pine wood derby and it is a classy event. 
I kept trying to get a picture of the finish and wasn't ever successful.  He won this race.

Here are the cub scouts getting their pit passes
Dallin's picture for his pit pass
The Eagle
Some of the cars

Dallin and the Eagle

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