Monday, January 19, 2015

Lydia's fourth birthday

Quite awhile ago Lydia found a picture of Emma's birthday cake that was a castle.  She instantly knew that was the cake she wanted for her birthday.  She has been waiting and waiting to make her cake.  We bought the colored ice cream cones a month ago when she saw them at the store.  Well the big day finally came and she got her cake.  She loved helping me make her cake and choosing which princesses to put on it.  She loved her princess dress she got for a present. She was so excited to turn four and be a big girl.  She is also excited to be a sunbeam in primary.  She has done great going to Primary instead of nursery.  It was good that she had a whole extra year in nursery because she just recently started going.  We sure love our Lyddie Lou!! She keeps us laughing and smiling.  Hope you have an amazing year this year little Lydia!!

The others don't look too excited, but we did love celebrating Lydia's birthday

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