Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hand foot and mouth (Welcome to 2015 and it isn't February yet)

I think Joshua has hand foot and mouth disease.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize it and I may have exposed a lot of people.  Friday, Joshua had a sore throat and a fever and just didn't feel very well.  He also had one sore by his nose. Saturday, I thought he was feeling better so we went ahead and had a birthday party for him and Lydia.  We had 3 children from the ward and the Andreasen children over for the party.  Sunday, Joshua wasn't very happy when he got up. I thought he probably wasn't feeling very well so I let him stay home with Bethany until she went to church at 11:00.  She brought him to church for the last hour of primary.  Monday morning when Joshua got up he had sores all over his face.  One of my friends told me that it sounded like hand foot and mouth. It has been going around.  Joshua has been a pretty good sport about all of this.  It has been hard to keep him from touching his face.  He had to stay home from preschool this week. He was pretty mad about that.  I hope his sores look better soon.  I really hope that this doesn't get shared with everyone he has been around our house or everyone in our family.  So far so good, no one has had any symptoms.

Here are some pictures of how Joshua looked this morning. It looks pretty painful.  I hope it gets better soon. This is an interesting way to start the new year. Usually we spend February being sick. I guess we are getting an early jump on it this year.

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