Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A health update

How many sicknesses can be in one house at the same time?  It seems like we have a little bit of everything going on around here.  MaryAnne, Dallin and David stayed home from church and school on Monday with sore throats and headaches.  Dallin also has quite a cough.  He decided to go back to school today.  MaryAnne is still home.  I hope she will feel good enough to go tomorrow.  I know she wants to get better, but she really doesn't want to do anything that I think will help her feel better. 

Lydia was feeling good until last night.  She was  up a couple of times in the night throwing up.  She is pale this morning and doesn't look like she feels better yet.

It turns out that Joshua didn't have hand, foot and mouth. He has Impetigo.  We took him to the doctor on Monday and got him started on an antibiotic.  The school called yesterday and said that Emma also has it.  We had already guessed that and started her on an antibiotic cream.  I hope they both keep their germs to themselves and get over it soon.

Matthew has decided that he isn't going to get sick for the whole year. I hope he can keep his goal and stay healthy.

Maybe this year January will be our month to be sick and February will be a healthy month.  If that is the case, February can't get here soon enough for me.

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