Sunday, October 27, 2013

Smashing pumpkins

We grew pumpkins in our garden this summer. The children enjoyed picking out their pumpkin and bringing them in the house until time to carve them.  They've been in the house for awhile now.  They are sitting on our stairs down into the family room. They make pretty fall decorations and a great climbing challenge for Joshua and Lydia.  They can tell you exactly which pumpkin belongs to each child.  Sunday evening as we were eating ice cream together I noticed Joshua standing at the top of the stairs, somehow he had moved on of the bigger pumpkins (Julia's) across the dining room and to the stairs all by himself. I still don't know how he managed to move it without anyone noticing.  He was poised to give it a shove down the stairs when I noticed what he was doing. Unfortunately, I noticed a half a second to late to stop him.  The next thing we heard was a thump, thump, and then a smash as the pumpkin went down the stairs and smashed at the bottom.  At least he picked Julia's so no one was too upset about their pumpkin being smashed, and at least it wasn't the neighbor's pumpkins.  It was kind of funny. Leave it to Joshua to smash the pumpkins.

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