Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Dynamic Duo or Masters of all depends on your viewpoint

I feel like I have spent the last few days just trying to keep up with the Dynamic Duo at our house. Joshua and Lydia are constantly finding new ways to keep me busy.  They sure can get into mischief together, but they sure are cute!!

 Joshua and Lydia have been into so much mischief this week.  Monday we took everyone over to watch Matthew's cross country race in Lovell.  Matthew took over a minute off his time and did marvelous!!  We had to go and get Joshua off the course a time or two. He thought he was running the race along with the team I guess. Lydia was more than happy to follow right along behind Joshua.  Tuesday I began to wonder if I can really keep my children home for school and keep an eye on Joshua and Lydia. It seemed like I was putting out one fire after another all day long.  First, they locked themselves in the car and chewed almost all the gum I keep out there to keep my awake when I have to drive. "Chewed it and swallowed it" according to Joshua.  Not ten minutes after I got them out of the car, they were playing downstairs and Joshua shut Lydia in the storage closet in the playroom.  It wouldn't have been too big of deal except that closet door has a lock on it (don't ask why..there isn't a need for it).  Joshua locked Lydia in and I have misplaced the key.  Neil was coming home for lunch, but I couldn't wait. Matthew and Dallin helped me take the door off to rescue dear sweet Lydia.

The adventures of the day weren't quite over yet.  When Neil left to back to school Joshua and Lydia went out and didn't want to come back in. I went in the house to get my shoes and only got distracted for one minute, but by the time I got back outside I couldn't see them anywhere. I looked all around our yard and house. I decided they might have gone next door to the Andreasen's house. I knocked on their door, but they hadn't seen them.  By now I was starting to really worry. I got Matthew and MaryAnne to help me look and a couple of Andreasen children came out to help.  Matthew rode his bike around the Jason/Henry loop looking for them. Matthew finally found them over on Jason Road playing in someone's backyard. They said they went to see the dogs.  They made really good time for being barefoot and wearing princess shoes.  I bet they were missing for at least 20 minutes and I was really, really worried!!!  So glad they were found safe and sound to have more adventures together.  I left them home with Julia in the evening while I went to watch Emma's volleyball match. I was a little worried that they might be a handful, but they behaved very well and Emma did great playing.

Today they have only locked themselves in the car and finished off the gum they didn't get to yesterday.  It sure can be a challenge to keep up with these two. I am trying to figure out a good way to keep them in the house. Dead bolts maybe?  It is fun to have children who like to play together and keep each other entertained.  I hope they will grow up to be the best of friends.  It is good to have them to keep me hopping.  I love all my children so much!!!  I am so grateful to be a mom and to be blessed with this opportunity to love them.

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