Saturday, February 2, 2013

How we spent our week...

I have missed way too much to go back and catch up on.  I am just going to start from now and try to post more often. Weekly is my goal, but we’ll see how I really do.

This week we have had sick children every day. MaryAnne started out with something on Sunday. She just kept falling asleep all day, had a sore throat and high fever. By Monday I decided we better know what we were dealing with so I took her to the Expresscare clinic.  They tested for strep throat and influenza. The doctor was pretty sure she had influenza, but the test came back negative. She has a virus that acts like influenza but can’t be treated with anything but love and time. It has been an interesting week.  Dallin, Lydia, Emma and Joshua all thought it looked like too much fun lying on the couch, drinking juice and watching movies so they have each taken their turn joining her.  Hopefully we are about done with fevers, coughs, and sore throats. I did learn that our children hate to have their temperature taken and will fight tooth and nail to avoid it. I bought a noncontact thermometer. Hopefully it will be accurate and I’ll be able to take their temperature without a fight. It won’t come until next week, and I hope I won’t need to use it for a while by then.  You never know how long things like this will hang on with us sharing germs so well at our house. Matthew stayed home today from the youth temple trip because he didn’t feel well.  The chances of not getting this are dwindling to single digits.  I guess looking at the positive side of things they all got it at once instead of taking turns, and I haven’t had to cook as much this week because we have more leftovers when only half of us eat a meal.  Hopefully next week they’ll be back to feeling good.

We did have fun things happen this week along with everyone being sick.  On Tuesday Matthew had his Eagle Scout board of review.  He was excited to pass!! Our ward is having an Eagle Court of Honor for 4 boys in March.  We are proud of you Matthew!!

David has been busy working on Webelos activity badges.  He really enjoys doing scouts. He and I (Sarah) went out for pizza on Thursday afternoon before clogging class.  He saved his book it coupons and wanted to share with me. It was a fun activity together.

It has been cold and wintery this week.  I think I am ready for spring, but it is still a long way off.  Sometimes we check the temperature in Hawaii and I think we are living in the wrong part of the world. 75 degrees sounds kind of nice this time of year.

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