Monday, January 4, 2010

She's officially graduated!!

Well Rebecca took her last online final today and we have declared her officially graduated from High School. She took a few classes at Northwest last semester, now she is ready to start fulltime this semester. She is still deciding where her future will take her.
She has her doubts, but I think a good scholarship will come her way. As a graduation gift we got her a laptop computer. She has a lot of talent and skill on a computer so we knew it was the perfect thing for her. I am sure it will come in handy wherever sh
e decides to go next year. You can tell from the look on her face that she liked the gift.

Rebecca, you are a joy in our lives. You are a good girl and set a good example for each of your siblings. We are grateful to have you in our family!!
We are well pleased with your accomplishments in graduating, receiving your Young Womanhood recognition and just being good!! I am praying for you to have the guidance you need to go where you should go.

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