Thursday, January 28, 2010

Matthew's Arrow of Light Ceremony

Matthew earned his Arrow of Light award the end of November, but his leaders wanted to wait and give it to him at Pack Meeting in January. He worked hard and did a good job earning his activity badges in Webelos. He looked so grown up that night at pack meeting. He enjoyed cub scouts, but he is ready to move on to 11 year old scouts. He has some really great leaders. His leaders made an Arrow of light poster for him. They put qualities of animals that they wished for him. For example, the curiosity of a monkey, the loyalty of a dog, and the memory of an elephant. He really loves animals and learning about them so it was the perfect thing for him. Unfortunately, Neil already had something scheduled the same night and time as pack meeting so I had to send him across the bridge to scouting on my own. (Well Joshua was there for moral support) It was a wonderful celebration of Matthew's hard work in Cubs. Congratulations Matthew!! We love you!!!

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