Thursday, December 10, 2009

Matthew's Eleven!!

I can't believe that Matthew is eleven years old. It seems that the time has really flown by. He has grown into such a fun young man. He really loves to learn and can tell you a lot of really cool information. He is a lot of fun to have around. He keeps us smiling with the things he comes up with. Matthew we really love you!!! We are grateful to have you in our home.

Matthew decided he wanted a baseball cake this year. It wasn't too hard to make and he was happy with how it turned out. He also wanted a birthday party with his friends. We made a pinata and invited the boys from our neighborhood and cub scouts. Unfortunately, December is a busy time of year and not many were able to make the party. He enjoyed making pizza and playing Wii with Ezra and Sam. Opening presents didn't take too long at all. I think Matthew made it through in record time. The funniest moment of the day was when he opened the gift from David. He had already figured out what David was giving him. After David put it in the gift bag I changed what was in the bag so David was surprised along with Matthew. It was fun to see the surprise on David's face when Matthew pulled out a Super Mario Brothers game for their DS. He said, "How did that get in there? That's not what I wrapped!" It was really funny!!

Happy birthday, Matthew!!!!

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  1. So you have two December birthdays in your family plus Christmas. Fun, fun! I hope all is well.