Sunday, June 18, 2017

She's home

Missionaries really do come home. In a way, it seemed like Bethany's mission flew by and in another way it seemed like she was gone for a very long time.  Bethany came home from serving in the Texas Houston South mission on June 6, 2017.  She did a great job serving the Lord and the people of Texas.  She really loved being a missionary in the Houston area.  We are so blessed to have her home. We decided we were happy/sad (sappy) for her coming home. We were happy to see her again and introduce her to Aaron.  We were sad that it was over. She got to attend the temple that morning before she left Houston about 2:00 in the afternoon. She flew to Minneapolis and then on to Salt Lake. From Salt Lake she flew to Cody arriving at about 11:00 that night. It was a late night, but so worth it.  I had a cute onesie made for Aaron that said I've waited my whole life to finally meet you.  He was tired and didn't want to go to her that night. I didn't get a picture of them together yet, but I will.  I think Bethany may have been the last person into the airport that night. I kept thinking that maybe she missed her flight in Salt Lake and then there she was.  It was wonderful to see her!

She spoke in church today and did an amazing job. I loved hearing about spiritual CPR. The three essential things to save you spiritually are Church, Prayer and Reading the scriptures.  She also taught us about faith, diligence and patience. Missionaries grow as much as the people they teach and serve.  She also taught us that the Lord like impossible odds. Think about David against Goliath, Ammon against the band of robbers, and many other examples in the scriptures. The Lord takes impossible odds and makes it possible.  She also taught us that things will work out the way Heavenly Father needs them to.   What a great testimony she came home with. I am so grateful for the opportunity Bethany had to serve a mission at this time in her life. I am grateful that she loved being a missionary. I am also grateful that missions end and missionaries come back home. What a blessing her mission has been and will continue to be in her life.  She was so blessed during her service and so were we as a family. I love having missionaries out and being a missionary mom.

Last week when we dropped Matthew off we saw a family flying to Orlando for vacation. The same family happened to be on Bethany's flight into Cody.  It was funny to me that our kids were on their flight both ways.

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