Sunday, June 4, 2017

Matthew at the MTC

May 31st used to feel a long way off, but it arrived and we took Matthew to the airport early in the morning.  His flight for Salt Lake left at 6:30 so we had to leave our house early.  It is always an emotional time to send a child off on a mission. I am so happy they are ready, willing and worthy to serve the Lord on earth, but I am also sad at not seeing them for so long. I am grateful for email and that we can communicate each week while they are gone.  I might miss each of them a lot, but there truly is no where else I would rather have them be.

Having Matthew set apart the night before he left was a spiritual experience for me.  He was given a blessing that I knew was from the Lord just for him.  He was told that he could make friends that would last into the eternities. He isn't always comfortable with people he doesn't know so I know that is a promise and a challenge from Heavenly Father to him.  He was also promised that he would have the Holy Ghost with him to keep him safe and warn him of danger.  I trust that promise completely.

Matthew got to Salt Lake about 8:30 and Grandpa picked him up at the airport.  They took him to the MTC at 1:30 that afternoon.  I am sure he was nervous and unsure, but he went forth with a smile.  I am looking forward to the first real email from him this week.  I keep thinking of the words to the song In the Hollow of Thy Hand. I know the Lord is keeping my Matthew in the hollow of His hand as he grows from boy to man. 

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