Sunday, October 23, 2016

Flag Football 2016

Dallin had the opportunity to play flag football this year.  The rec department runs the program for 3rd and 4th grades so Dallin was one of the older boys.  He was on the Steelers team and got quite a bit of playing time.  He played on the offensive and defensive lines.  He got several flag pulls, caught a pass, and rushed the quarterback quite a few times.  He played really well and had lots of fun.  Most of his friends were on the Vikings team.  At first Dallin felt bad about being on a different team, but he adjusted and had fun on the Steelers.  We were out of town the day the Steelers played the Vikings so he didn't have to play against Adam, Dexter and Russell. One game was postponed for weather. We got about 6 inches of snow. Hooray for another flag football season.  I loved watching Dallin play, but I am glad not to have to stand out in the cold in the evening.

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