Sunday, March 6, 2016

First lost tooth

Lydia has been anxiously awaiting her first loose tooth ever since Josh started losing teeth.  She would come to me often and ask me to wiggle her loose tooth.  I would give a little wiggle and tell her it wasn't very loose.  I didn't think it was loose at all.  On Friday she was eating a ham and cheese pocket after the kids came home from school.  Emma told me that Lydia was getting blood on her food.  I wondered what was up with that and looked in her mouth.  I was totally surprised to see that she had lost her front tooth.  It took us awhile to find her tooth.  We thought maybe she had swallowed it when she was eating.  She was so excited she called Neil at his office to tell him about losing her tooth.  We had a ward dinner that night and she had fun telling her Primary leaders and teachers about losing her tooth.

She was really excited when the tooth fairy left her a dollar in her special box that Julia gave her to hold her tooth.

Here is a picture of her cute smile missing one tooth.

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