Sunday, February 7, 2016

New snow boots

We didn't bring any snow boots with us to Virginia.  Every time the kids went out in the snow they would come in with wet and cold feet.  I went to the thrift store one day and they happened to have an adorable pair of glittery gold boots that looked a little big for Lydia, but I knew she would love them any way.  They only cost two dollars so I bought them for her.  When I brought them home and showed her she did love them.  I told her she needed to try them on.  She said she just knew they would fit.  They actually are a little big but it doesn't stop her from wearing them everywhere.  The only place she doesn't like to wear them is out in the snow.  She doesn't want them to get wet or dirty.  Here are a few pictures of the new snow boots and how she keeps them dry in the snow.   You just got to love new glittery boots when you are five.

Lydia picking berries to catch my cardinal with

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