Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rose Bowl Parade

Emma had the opportunity to march with the Wyoming All State Marching Band in the Rose Bowl Parade on New Year's Day.  What an opportunity! It made her grow.  She was really nervous about being able to march through the whole parade, and about flying to Utah to meet the bus to go to California with the band.  She was nervous, and I think terrified, but she did it!!!  It was such a tender mercy in my life to see her on tv marching with the band.  They did great and she was amazing.

Here is a link where you can watch the parade if you missed it.  The Wyoming band comes on screen right about 20 minutes into the parade.  You can skip ahead to there pretty easily.  She shows up on the screen towards the end of the bands screen time.

Here is a screen shot of Emma on tv so you know who you are looking for if you watch. She is the clarinet player in the lower left part of the picture.

Here is rundown of how the trip went and the crazy schedule the band kept.  Emma had a busy week and she was stretched, but she grew to do what she needed to do.

Saturday, December 26th Emma and Rebecca flew to Salt Lake,  They got to the airport by about 7:30 in the morning and got to Grandma and Grandpa's house about 9:30 that night.  It was a long day for them.

Sunday, December 27th Emma went to church with Grandma and Grandpa and then to a missionary homecoming.  She also got to see Great Grandma Sharp.  Emma was supposed to meet the buses at Provo High School at 2:30 in the morning.  Grandpa got her there about 2:00 just to make sure they wouldn't miss the bus.  At 3:00 the bus still hadn't shown up so they texted the band director to find out if plans had changed.  The buses were running late and finally got there at 5:30.  What a long night of waiting.  Thanks so much mom and dad for helping Emma out in the middle of the night!  The kids rode the buses all night.

Monday, December 28th the band was supposed to get to California for an afternoon practice but were still behind schedule and didn't get there until about 6:00. It was a long bus ride.

Tuesday, December 29th the kids practiced for Bandfest in the morning and performed in the afternoon. The also got to go to the parade barns and see some of the floats being made. They got to relax on the beach for the evening.

Wednesday, December 30th was Disney Day.  They practiced in the morning and marched in a Disneyland parade in the afternoon.  They spent the rest of the day enjoying Disneyland.  Emma said lines were long and she didn't get to ride many rides.  She only rode Space Mountain, Finding Nemo Submarines, and Monsters Inc.  She also saw the Olaf Castle.  She did get some really cool Mickey Mouse Ears that they only give out to performing groups.

Thursday, December 31 no rehearsal. Hooray!!!  They went to Hollywood and saw the stars in the sidewalk.  They also did Universal Studios.  They went back to the hotel early and celebrated the new year at 9:00.

Friday, January 1st Parade day!!  The kids had to get up at 3:30 (Crazy!) and be on the buses by 4:00.  They got to the parade route about 7:00 and then had to wait for the parade to start at 8:00.  The band was the 3rd band in the parade.  I was glad they didn't have to stand around and wait any longer than they did.  It was about 40 degrees when the parade started but by the end it had warmed up.  Emma said by the end she wanted a drink of water so badly.  It was a five mile parade. That is a long time to march and play the same three songs over and over.  Emma said they played them each at least 15 times.  After the parade they got burgers from In and Out Burgers.  Emma said the water tasted better than the hamburgers.  Emma lovers hamburgers so that tells you how thirsty she was.  The band went back to the motel and rested for the afternoon.  They went on a dinner cruise in the evening.

Saturday, January 2nd they loaded up the buses at 9:00 and left to travel back.  Grandpa and Grandma met the bus about 8:30 that night.  Everything went according to schedule this time and no one had to wait around.

Sunday January 3rd-Tuesday January 5th Emma got to spend with Grandpa and Grandma.  She loved that!!  Tuesday afternoon Grandpa and Grandma took her to the airport and she flew back to Washington DC.  Neil and I went to the temple for the last session and then went to the airport to pick her up.  I thought she was flying into the Dulles airport, but it was really the Ronald Reagan airport.  Luckily, we found out a few days before.  Her flight was supposed to come in at 11:55 pm, but when we got there the flight board said it was delayed and wouldn't be in until 1:05 am.  We picked her up at 1:00 and then started the drive home.  Neil was a real trooper and did all the driving.  I tried to stay awake and talk to him.  I did ok until about 3:00 but then I fell asleep.  We got home about 4:45 in the morning.  What a long night of driving.  We were glad to be home safe and sound.

I am grateful she had the experience.  I hoped she learned she can do hard things and that the Savior will help her throughout her life.  We are proud of you, Emma!!

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